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Civics and American History Through the Eyes of a Solider


A fun way to promote patriotism and help students learn about our nation’s Founding Principles is through “Civics and American History Through the Eyes of a Solider.” This 35-to-50-minute educational program for grades K-12 is perfect for classrooms, assemblies, extracurricular events, as well as for youth organizations.

Offered at no cost to you, each program is presented by a Veteran who represents living history and has taken an oath to protect and defend the United States of America Constitution. Veteran Volunteer speakers are carefully selected for their background and experience that includes teaching and instruction capability. It is conveyed without religious or political agenda and is a strong supplement for social studies and can also incorporate a standards-based civics curriculum.

Our “Civics and American History Through the Eyes of a Solider” program includes:

  • Video content that moves quickly to keep children and youth engaged
  • Overviews of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Testimonials on what it means to be an American and a good citizen
  • An interactive question & answer session

“Civics and American History Through the Eyes of a Solider” can be easily adjusted to fit class schedules, assemblies, special events and other subjects of study.

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